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The ultimate in plant protection

An Australian, family owned business since 1986, Aussie Shade & Hot Houses has proudly designed and manufactured shade houses, greenhouses (hothouses), bush houses, plant stands, shelving, benching and more for the Australian community at affordable prices.

Greenhouse, glasshouse, hothouse – the names vary but the idea’s the same.

Aussie Shade & Hot Houses provide the most versatile shade and greenhouses on the market today. The shade and greenhouses are easily adapted for all seasons, they can be rain and frost protected in winter, shaded in summer, and the conversion only takes a few minutes. They also offer versatility of design and dimensions to suit your specific needs.

Why an Aussie Shade & Hot House?


  • Outstanding customer service and advice.
  • Great value for money.
  • Australian designed and manufactured using the highest quality Australian material where possible.
  • Shade and greenhouses have built-in shelving system so no back-breaking gardening required. However, houses without shelving are available.
  • Smart roof design which allows maximum growing height for your plants on the sides of the house not just where you walk.
  • Maintenance free, allowing you time to maintain the plants not the house.
  • Strong and sturdy construction to ensure they won’t blow away in high winds.warranty
  • Practical easy to follow DIY instructions.


Easy construction, no glues or screws and extremely portable, means they are easy to disassemble and move.

 Browse through the Aussie Shade Houses website, we have presented all of our latest Products online for your convenience.

NEW ! The Aussie Combo Series hot-house

The Aussie Combo is the most exciting new model on the market today. Australian made and designed by the Aussie Shade House team to suit Australia’s harsh weather conditions. 

The Aussie Combo has all the fantastic features of the current series of houses, but can be changed from a shade house to a greenhouse, simply, easily, at a moment’s notice.  Now there is ONE house where you can instantly adapt for growing all year round.

There are 2 MODELS in this series – AUSSIE COMBO 2M WIDE and the WIDE AUSSIE COMBO 3M WIDE, all houses come in multiples/modules of 1.2m length i.e. 2.4m, 3.6m, 4.8m, 6m long etc


NEW ! The Aussie Combo Series

The Aussie Combo is the most exciting new model on the market today see more


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